Survey: American Households in Rheinland- Pfalz

Your answers will help us improve our offers to fellow Americans in the local communities and
facilitate their transition to life in Germany!
The survey is conducted by the State Program „Welcome to Rheinland-Pfalz! Our neighbors from the
USA“ which is funded by the Ministry of the Interior Rheinland-Pfalz. Visit our website for more
We are aware of the profound changes the corona virus pandemic has forced upon social life and
your ability to connect with the community since March 2020. In order to gain a genuine insight into
the general mindset and the wishes of American households, we ask you to please disregard the
temporary restrictions when filling out the form.
Data safety: Your respective military authorities have been informed about the survey and the content
of the questionnaire. Participation is voluntary. If you do not want to answer some of the questions,
please feel free to skip those. The data used will be strictly anonymous.